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What's Up was an unfortunately short-lived comic created by Micah Hutson and I. It was our first experiment with printing and distributing what we refer to as "hold them in your hand comics". All of the characters and stories were written by Micah and I while hanging out in our friends' apartment. We printed them and gave them away to our friends, but eventually this became too costly. Now our hold them in your hand comics have become look at them on the internet comics. The covers were created by Micah and I without seeing what the other was drawing, and they are my favorite part.

Thanks to: Isaac Lamb, Ethan Keene, and Ashley Boortz for inspiration and for letting us use your kitchen table.

The real RRC for being legit.

BJ Ownby for cooking stuffed manicotti

The guy at IHOP

and above all, Tweek... thanks for nothing

Thanks to: Eagle's Nest and Company


Thanks to: Micah Hutson for being one of the funniest and most creative guys I've ever met. Hopefully we can continue What's Up sometime, and have that guy find his remote.

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